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Are you looking for a Done-For-You ‘Training Video Solution’ to capture your training material and to leverage you and your company’s time with video? Use our unique ‘chat-show’ style format and record live at our professional video studio in Battersea, SW London.?

With our ‘Training Video Solution’ you can create videos of your trainers delivering as live to one of our studio presenters. Implementing your usual keynote or powerpoint presentations but videos and captured in a multi-camera format. They’re basically live ‘chat-show’ style presentations.

They build the all important “KNOW, LIKE & TRUST” with the person watching the training which increases engagement. PLUS your footage will be live vision mixed, edited and sent to you ready to use in 72 hours. No more waiting weeks for your post production edit.

For businesses that want to leverage their trainers’ time better. Capture content that gets repeated over and over again but that could be played out online or in training sessions. 

Inclusive Video is the ‘Done For You’ Training Video Solution. Providing you with a fast, engaging and affordable way to create Training Video presentations in a professional studio environment. Unlike most video services, Inclusive Video’s investment of over £40,000 into a unique solution allows for broadcast quality, live vision mixed, multi-camera capture. Plus live capture of full screen slides displayed for your viewer whenever they are referred to. 

Edited in real time with just 72 hour turnaround. Saving you from expensive and lengthy post production costs. 

A Training Video Solution captured in a professionally lit, infinity-curve studio just 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction in Battersea, South West London.

But does the Training Video Solution work?

"Advanced Computer Software are expanding rapidly and we needed a way of training our new staff during the on-boarding process without using our experienced trainers on courses that get repeated again and again. We had considered video but the cost appeared prohibitive and the process very time-consuming. We were recommended to contact Inclusive Video and found their unique approach to be very cost-effective and quick. We produced three employee training videos in the space of one afternoon, which we have since used regularly to train new employees freeing up the experienced trainers’ time to work on more specialised content. The team at Inclusive Video made the process very easy for us and the turnaround speed for the videos was as fast as they promised. In fact the whole experience was enjoyable and a lot more fun than we expected! I’d recommend them to any company wanting to leverage video to free up company trainers’ time.

Neville Merritt, Advanced Computer Software

The Inclusive Video ‘Training Video Solution’ is a fast, engaging and affordable way to capture presenter led training videos to leverage your Trainers' time better in a professional studio.
  • You and Your Knowledge – A business owner comes to our studio ready with their presentation slides that they use when presenting live.
  • Chat Show – The ‘Training Video Solution’ allows you to present your content to a presenter in a unique and engaging ‘chat-show’ style manner. The emphasis is always on making your Viewer the most important person.
  • 55" Samsung Display - All presentation slides will be displayed on the 55″ monitor that sits between you and the presenter. Gives a really slick and branded feel to your videos.
  • Prompting Monitor – We’ll also set up an ‘out of vision’ 55″ monitor which sits behind the presenter to play out a 2nd presentation just for your reference. This presentation works alongside the main presentation but has all the questions you will be asked. And you can see the ‘bullet point’ answers to those questions to help you remember to get across all the information you want to share. It works like a giant cue card! (see video above for details)
  • Unique blend of technology - we’ve invested over £40,000 in studios and technology. It allows us to live vision mix and capture multiple cameras and full screen graphics AND edit your ‘Keyword Videos' in real time (see video above for details).
  • High Quality Production – Crystal clear audio, colour balanced cameras, and no pressure to talk to the camera! Our chat show style of video production is so easy for you!
  • Fast Turnaround - our promise is to have the content delivered to you in 72 hours or less (three working days) so you'll have it ready to upload to your server or intranet so you can put the new training footage to work right away!
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