Here's a little bit about why Theo called the business Inclusive Video... 

About Theo van Dort

Hello, I’m Theo (pronounced Tayo) and I’m a presenter on live TV and video with over 15 years experience. I’ve personally sold hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of product and I’ve trained multiple teams of presenters and producers.

In 2002 I co-founded one of the fastest successful start-up shopping television businesses in the world with 3 business partners and a team of just 12 that eventually became Gems TV. There were many lessons learned through 7 different incarnations of channel in just 3 years. Trying to find a retail television model that worked and spending a long time learning ‘how not to do it’ whilst doing what I call “the splits” several times. Do you know the splits? It’s when you get further and further down, putting more and more money in until it really, really starts to hurt and at a certain point you can’t get back up again and you collapse. However when we got the model right, we really got it right. 

By 2006 we grew Gems TV to employ over 2200 people worldwide, generating £84m turnover and making £21m profit.  It was such a success that Gems TV was then publically listed just 4 years later in Nov 2006 when I was 31 years old. I left Gems in 2007, helped my brother Anthony to turn around family power kite business and was then invited to sit on the board of bid shopping as Interim Sales Director responsible for all live output of bid, pricedrop and speed auction tv with responsibility for overseeing a team of 150+. Having been a business owner before, I decided to stop the long commute and hours working for someone else to spend more time with my wife, 2 young boys and to set up Inclusive Video. 

Do you think my highly experienced team and I might be able to help you film online video content that results in your viewer, customer or prospect taking action? With our background and experience we are well positioned to help people just like you. At Inclusive Video we can shoot your videos using our live vision mixed technology learnt from a live TV environment. 

There are videos on every solution that Inclusive Video offers on this site. Both from our purpose built professionally lit, infinity-curve studio just 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction in Battersea, South West London and anywhere you wish as the kit is totally portable!

Here's a 2012 video of Theo (due for replacement!)
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