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Are you a Speaker, Expert, Author, Trainer or Event Organiser looking for a Done-For-You ‘Events Video Solution’ to capture the presentation of your live event to a live audience? Leverage the power of video and escape ‘the time for money trap’. Take advantage of the same technology we use in our professional video studio in Battersea, SW London and allow us to capture you speaking to your live audience on multiple cameras.

With our ‘Events Video Solution’ you can create a multi module online course or DVD set from your content. All using your usual keynote or powerpoint presentation. Captured on video and live vision mixed in a multi-camera format to show you, your audience’s reaction and your slideshow blown up full screen for the viewer whenever it’s referred to. ALL in real time.

We’ll record you presenting in flow to your live audience and the footage will build the all important “KNOW, LIKE & TRUST” with the person watching to increase engagement. PLUS your footage will be live vision-mixed, edited and sent to you ready to use in 72 hours. No more waiting weeks for your post production edit.

For Speaker, Experts, Authors and Trainers who do live presentations and who want to leverage their time better.  Clients have used the recorded footage to sell at the end of their live events so the audience can then access the footage online or on DVD.

Inclusive Video is the ‘Done For You’ Live Events Video Solution. Providing you with a fast, engaging and affordable way to create Live Events Video recordings in the same format used to create live television.

Unlike most video services, Inclusive Video’s investment of over £40,000 into a unique solution allows for broadcast quality, live vision mixed, multi-camera capture. Our technology is portable so we bring it to your choice of event venue. Plus we also live capture your full screen slides which are displayed for your viewer whenever you refer to them.

All footage is edited in real time with just 72 hour turnaround. Saving you from expensive and lengthy post production costs.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
“I was looking for a unique way to capture my live event at Edgbaston Cricket Ground where I presented to over 150 people on my tour with HSBC. I’d used Theo and the team at Inclusive Video to capture 2 Courses in their studio and knew they could use the same technology to film me, the audience and to display my slides for the viewer, all live edited in real time. They captured all 5 hours of my presentation and delivered it to me just 3 days later! I’ve turned it into a DVD set which I sell to participants at events I speak at throughout the country and I’m going to upload it to my wordpress website as an online course. The guys made the process painless and it’s as if they weren’t there. They allowed me to get on with my presentation, but they filmed it in a way that shows the content and the audience’s reaction to the content in a great light. If you are presenting a live event and you want it captured on camera, give them a call."

– Gavin Preston, 
The Inclusive Video ‘Events Video Solution’ is a fast, engaging & affordable way to capture your live audience presentation in the events venue of your choice.
  • Who is it for? – An events organiser, speaker, coach, author or trainer looking to video capture a live event including the presenter(s), the audience and the presentation slides taken full screen for the viewer.
  • Unique blend of technology - we’ve invested over £40,000 in studios and technology. It allows us to live vision mix and capture multiple cameras and full screen graphics AND edit your ‘Event Video’ in real time (see video above for details).
  • Fast Turnaround – receive your content with super quick turnaround. In 72 hours and often less than that!
  • High Quality Production – Crystal clear audio, colour balanced cameras, in our bespoke video studio or at a venue of your choice. 
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