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Are you a business owner whose clients purchase exceptional Art, Collectibles, Fine Wine, Stamps, Musical Instruments, Antiques or Clocks and the list goes on…?

Inclusive Video offers a Done-For-You ‘Catalogue Video Solution’ where we visit your premises to capture your Experts sharing the stories about each piece on video.

You too can leverage the power of video and share these stories with your mailing list of collectors, your website visitors or potential investors wherever they may be in the world. You can also create an online video catalogue to send out to your clients allowing them to browse the catalogue and to then watch a video of your expert telling the story about the item they are interested in. Please read on, but there’s an example below. 

You can take advantage of the same technology we use in our professional video studio in Battersea, SW London and allow us to capture your experts speaking to your perfect customer and let our camera operators show off your exceptional pieces in the best light. We’ll train your team on how to present to camera and do a rehearsal day to get everyone used to the format. 

With the ‘Catalogue Video Solution’ we can capture 30 to 40 pieces per day on video. Just like on live television, our technology lets us live vision mix three or four cameras in real time. We’ll capture your expert and your pieces for sale. Stories sell and there isn’t a better way to let you capture your expert recounting those stories. With the benefit of the customer not actually having to be there in your gallery or retail premises. 

The footage will build the all important “KNOW, LIKE & TRUST” with the potential customer watching, which will increase engagement and lead to a much higher propensity for them to contact you to find out more about the piece that has sparked their interest. 

Inclusive Video is the ‘Done For You’ Catalogue Video Solution. Providing you with a fast, engaging and affordable way to create Live Video recordings of the collectibles you have in stock. 

Unlike most video services, Inclusive Video’s investment of over £40,000 into a unique solution allows for broadcast quality, live vision mixed, multi-camera capture. Our technology is portable so we bring it to your premises, gallery or choice of venue. 

All footage is edited in real time with just 72 hour turnaround. Saving you from expensive and lengthy post production costs.

"Peter Harrington Rare Books were looking for a new way to share the stories about our Rare Books to a wider audience and not just to customers who visit our 2 shops or meet us at book fairs. Theo approached me with a unique solution to use their video studio technology to come to our Dover Street shop and film our experts sharing information about the Rare books we were presenting in our latest catalogue. Theo spent the morning showing the team how to present to camera. He gave us a format to follow that really helped to make the video process easy to remember. Then we spent the afternoon rehearsing so we became more comfortable with the format before the camera started filming. The next day we captured over 40 videos! These videos were uploaded to YouTube and allow us to tell the story of the book without a customer having to come to the shop. The team film the rare book expert, the front and rear cover of the book and also have a 3rd camera to record the inside of the book so it’s very easy for us to show the potential customer all that we want to. The guys made the process so easy for us and we’ve had so many comments about the videos from customers and when visiting trade shows. If you want to bring your collection to life, increase customer interest, create a video catalogue or have regular video footage to add to your newsletter then I recommend you give Theo and the team a call”

– Pom Harrington – (click here to see video catalogue)
But Does The Catalogue Video Solution Work? Yes it does!

“We captured a video about a set of letters and a book written by Winston Churchill. They’d had it in stock for 6 years and had an interesting story but the story hadn’t been told. The link to the video was included in their weekly newsletter and less than 3 hours later it sold to a customer in Texas for 5 figures. No phone call, no questions, no more information needed. A 5 figure impulse buy sale through their website. But don’t take my word for it"

– Adam Douglas from Peter Harrington says it here in 51 seconds –
Inclusive Video’s ‘Catalogue Video Solution’ is a fast, engaging and affordable way to bring you collection alive with video.
  • Bring Your Collection to Life – instead of just sending out a two-dimensional image and description of current works, you can add a ‘hyperlink’ to a professionally shot video of you or one of your experts describing each piece. So a prospective investor can find out more about the piece in a three-dimensional way, building the ‘know, like, trust’ factor that is so important in influencing their buying decision. The videos whet the appetite, increasing the likelihood of the prospect coming into the gallery/showroom to see the piece in person, or to call up to find out more information or to ask questions. And once you have the engagement it’s much easier to manage the sale.
  • Video Catalogues – You can create videos for every item in forthcoming catalogues. Send out hard copies with easy to type shortened URL’s which link straight to the embedded video on the item page on your website or straight to the YouTube video. And email PDF versions of the catalogue to your list with ‘clickable URLs’ so the person browsing the catalogue can click and see the video straight away.
  • Multiple Videos on Your Website – you can embed all videos captured to sale pages so that visitors to the website get to see them too.
  • Newsletters – you can add links to videos to your newsletters allowing your local, national and international list to get a real feel for the pieces of art without having to come into the gallery. It’s a great way of creating unique content for each newsletter release.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – by having videos that have been optimised for the title of the work and/or the artist’s name on YouTube (which is owned by Google) you have a much greater chance of showing up in a Google search, thus driving interest, awareness and prospective investors to your website – plus research has shown that a video thumbnail in the Google Search is 46x more likely to be clicked than a standard text link.
  • Unique blend of technology - we’ve invested over £40,000 in studios and technology. It allows us to live vision mix and capture multiple cameras and full screen graphics AND edit your ‘Catalogue Video’ in real time (see video above for details).
  • Fast Turnaround – receive your content with super quick turnaround. In 72 hours and often less than that!
  • High Quality Production – Crystal clear audio, colour balanced cameras, in a venue of your choice. Delivered and ready for you to upload to your YouTube Channel and website in 72 hours. Don’t have a YouTube Channel? We’ll do that for you too.
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